Community foundations hold their donated assets as endowments. An endowment represents monetary or other financial donations to a charitable organization that is invested in order to grow the principal and generate income for the activities of the organization. Therefore, the principal donated amount remains with the organization to be re-invested, while the profits from the investment is utilized for activities. Thus, this enables small donations to make huge impacts and the impacts to become bigger over time, even after the lifetime of the donor. At the Maldivian Community Foundation, the Board of Directors will determine the ratio of funds that would be invested and directly disbursed that would make the greatest impact for the present and the future.

Our main activities include;

  • Setting up mechanisms for individual and corporate donors to invest into MCF funds
  • Investing donations in order to maximise the longevity and sustainability of the funds
  • Formulating grant mechanisms, identifying projects, monitoring their impacts
  • Giving due recognition to our Corporate Investors for their contributions
  • Working with the government and stakeholders to develop the non-governmental sector in the Maldives
  • Reporting back to our donors on how their donations were utilised.

MCF provides different services to our Investors in order to facilitate them to make their charitable contributions in a convenient, transparent and effective manner. MCF will use the donations to make direct contribution to projects that fit into our thematic focus areas, in the form of grants, scholarships or direct financial aid. We will be working closely with the government and other partners to ensure that our programmes are effective.