Who is he that will loan to Allah a beautiful loan which Allah will double unto his credit and multiply it many times?
[Quran 2:245]

The opportunity to become Founding Partners of the MCF is open to individuals and organisations that support the initial development and establishment of MCF.

• The opportunity will be open for the first 10 years of MCFs development.
• There can only be 6 Founding Partners at any given time.
• Each Founding Partner will commit to make an annual contribution of MVR 100,000 for 6 consecutive years
• If a Founding Partner completes consecutive 6 years of investment, they will get the permanent designation of Founding Partner of MCF even if they do not make any further contribution.
• If a Founding Partner discontinues their contribution without completing 6 years, they will be designated as an Inactive Founding Partner for twice the duration of their contribution. Eg; if they made contribution for 2 years and stopped, they will be designated the status of Inactive Founding Partner for a further 2 years. If they re-started contributing, they have to complete another 6 consecutive years to get the designation of permanent Founding Partner.
• Founding Partners do not have any executive powers. They may however be invited to be part of committees, depending on their interest and expertise.

Benefits and services

MCF would provide a full range of services and benefits to our Founding Partners.

• Registration and setup of Founding Partner agreement
• Provision of receipts for Tax filing
• Reporting on the impact of donor funds
• Place at the head table at the annual Gala and speaking opportunity
• Dedicated spot for their logo on the Home Page of the MCF Website for twice the duration of their contribution.
• Media opportunities
• Coverage of their philanthropic activities on MCF social media

The contributions from the Founding Partners will be deposited go towards the Operations Support Fund (OSF).

Contact us to start your philanthropic journey with us.