The Board of Directors is comprised of professionals with expertise in a well-rounded mix of skills and backgrounds that would enable them to steer MCF to be a successful and sustainable organisation. The Board’s skillset includes project management, corporate governance, business development, finance and marketing.

Ahmed Siyah

Founder and President

Ahmed Siyah has extensive experience in working in developmental projects, especially in the humanitarian development arena. He has worked closely with several island communities to assist them to identify their own vulnerabilities and to develop plans for overcoming them. These experiences are the motivation behind his passion to find the means and resources to empower Maldivian communities to reduce their vulnerabilities and empower them to face the evolving challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

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Yaseen Hussain

Vice President

Yaseen Hussain started his accounting and finance career at the Ministry of Finance and Treasury in the treasury and public accounts division, where he developed his financial and management reporting skills. He has experience in implementing accounting and bookkeeping systems within SMEs and aims to transfer those expertise into the finance operations at MCF. He is currently working as an Accounting and Finance Manager. He is a member of ACCA (Associate Chartered Certified Accountant) and has a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration from the University of West of England.

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Adam Faisal


Adam Faisal has a background in finance and accounting, and has worked in the humanitarian development sector in his time with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in their tsunami response and recovery programme in the Maldives. He has a passion for community service and alleviating the difficulties faced by society. He has experience in developing and managing budgets of developmental projects and operations, and is a sound believer that financial good practice and efficiency is a pillar of organisational success. Faisal has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Accounting and Finance from Clique College and is a Certified Accounting Technician.

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Ibrahim Solah

Founder and Secretary

Ibrahim Solah has a strong history in humanitarian service through his work with the Maldivian Red Crescent where has has engaged as a volunteer, staff and First Aid Master Trainer. He has worked closely with communities and has an acute understanding of the difficulties faced by the vulnerable segments of society. He has a passion for creating awareness in communities and working closely with people. He has been recognised for his dedication to the humanitarian cause, sustainable development mindset and innovative thinking. He is also part-time lecturer and has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Villa College.

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Dr. Neeza Haleem


Dr. Neeza Haleem is the seniormost female General Surgeon in the Maldives with a surgical practice spanning over two decades. She is a strong proponent of the development of surgical care facilities for women in the Maldives. She was a founding partner and Managing Director of the Care Trust Multispeciality Clinic in Hulhumale. She has been awarded the Gold Category Award for Leadership Excellence in the Field of Health (Doctor) at the Professional and Career Women Awards 2019 by Women in Management, in recognition of her dedication and contribution to the health sector. Dr. Neeza has a passion for service to the community and compassion for the people in need. She is determined to use her experience to bring a positive social change to the Maldives through the Maldivian Community Foundation (MCF).

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Former Board Members

Ahmed Yaamin Mohamed

Director (February 2020 – December 2020)

Ahmed Yaamin Mohamed has a broad spectrum of experience and expertise, from advertising and marketing to youth entrepreneurship and social development. His career in communications has evolved into a passion for entrepreneurship, especially focused on helping others achieve their startup success and developing a startup ecosystem in the Maldives. Yaamin has represented the Maldives at a regional level at startup development events including being a gold winner of SDG 11 at UNLEASH LAB 2018. He is a Co-founder of Spark Hub and has a keen interest in innovation, networking and community engagement.

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