Doing acts of good and calling people to do acts of good is highly regarded in Islamic teachings.

Abu Huraira (Radhiallahu anhu) reported: Allah’s Messenger said:
He who called (people) to righteousness, there would be reward (assured) for him like the rewards of those who adhered to it, without their rewards being diminished in any respect.
Sahih Muslim

MCF would engage volunteers in our activities in a professional manner. We have opportunities for volunteers to contribute their time, talent and skills to create awareness of our services to the public. Through these activities the volunteers would contribute towards establishing a culture of charity in the Maldives. May Allah bless them for their time and efforts.

To whoever, male or female, does good deeds and has faith, We shall give a good life and reward them according to the best of their actions.
(Quran 16:97)

Volunteers will also be able to develop leadership skills, self development and professional development through engaging with MCF. We will be keeping records of volunteer contributions and implement a volunteer appreciation framework accordingly. We would actively work towards opening capacity building, training and developmental opportunities for our volunteers.

What better way to spend your free time than on what benefits you in this life and the Hereafter.