Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who are Investors and do Investors get profit?
Investors is the term that we use in relation to our donors because we believe that the true reward for our charitable donations and actions will be given to us by God Almighty in the Hereafter. Therefore, in essence, being a donor to MCF is investing into our Hereafter as well as into the development of society.

Who remain steadfast through their desire for the face of their Lord; who keep up the prayer; who give secretly and openly from what We have provided for them; who repel evil with good. These will have the reward of the [true] home: They will enter perpetual Gardens, along with their righteous ancestors, spouses, and descendants; the angels will go in to them from every gate, ‘Peace be with you, because you have remained steadfast. What an excellent reward is this home of yours!’
(Quran 13:22-24)

Donors would not get a monetary return for their donations. But In Sha Allah (God willing) they will have many times in return in the Hereafter.

Q. Will donations be invested according to Islamic Shariah?
MCF will only make investments in Halal certified funds, businesses and other instruments. Our investment portfolio is overseen by the Finance Committee and its sub-committees.

Q. How do we know MCF is legitimate?
MCF is registered at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment as a non-governmental organisation (reg no: CR/2019/53) and registered as a tax-exempt organisation at the Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA). We will be reporting our activities to both these institutions. We will also be publishing Annual Reports and be audited annually.

Additionally, we have taken care to select a Board of Directors who have the skills and professional background that emphasizes their integrity and commitment to good governance and community development.

Q. What will the donations be used for?
Donations will be used to benefit the Maldivian society in a holistic manner as well as to benefit vulnerable segments of society abroad. The priority is to benefit those in need and to empower communities to overcome their barriers to achieving success. We will achieve our objectives by providing grants to non-governmental organisation, scholarships and financial aid. Read more on how we work and our focus areas for a closer understanding.

Q. I am not yet ready to become a recurrent donor, but I would like to invest in my Aakhirah (Hereafter) when I am able to. Can I still register at MCF?
Registered Individual donors are free to make contributions of any amount you can, whenever you can. While recurrent donations and continuous/sustained actions are greatly encouraged in Islam, no one is given a burden that they cannot bear (Quran 2:186). We should also not underestimate the value of our actions in the sight of God.

‘Adi ibn Hatim reported: The Prophet (ﷺ) said,
“Guard yourself from the Hellfire, even with half of a date in charity. If one cannot find it, then with a kind word.”
Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī, Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim

Q. Can I have a refund of my donations?
Our funds are invested into different instruments in order to ensure the sustainable and continued benefit from those funds. Therefore, a refund will not be possible once we receive them.

Q. How do I register as an Individual Donor?
You can fill out the form at this link. Once registered, you will get your Membership number by SMS and Email. A reminder will be sent to make the monthly donation.


Q. What are the eligibility criteria for non-governmental organisations to apply for grants?
Specific eligibility criteria for grants will be mentioned in each call for applications. In general, all applicants should meet the following pre-requisites;

  1. Be a registered non-governmental organisation in the Maldives and submitted the requisite annual reports in the past 3 years
  2. Be a registered tax-exempt organisation at the Maldives Inland Revenue Authority and submitted the requisite reports in the past 3 years
  3. Have a good standing in the community including not having any case or ruling against them by a court of law or oversight institution

Ramadan 2021 – special interest questions
We have received some specific questions in relation to donations to coincide with the Holy month of Ramadan.

Q. I would like to donate some amount in each of the last 10 nights of Ramadan in order to try to get the benefit of the night of Lailatul-Gadr. Can I split my donations into those nights?
Yes you can. As long as your mention your National ID number or MCF membership number on the bank transfer receipt and Viber the slip to +9607366799, we will be able to denote your donation to your account.

Q. Can I donate without registering?
Non-Members can also donate. Please write “Individual Investment Fund” in the Remarks and Viber the receipt so that we can allocate it to that Fund. A portion of the donations will be invested in order to generate continued charity and the remaining will be used for service delivery.

Q. I am not registered as an Individual Investor but I would like to support the work that MCF is doing to encourage the act of charity in the Maldivian society. How can I help?

You may donate to support our operational expenses by writing “Operational Support Fund” in the Remarks when making the donation and Viber the transfer slip to +9607366799.

If you are a business owner, your business can join us as a Corporate Investor.

You can help us to create awareness of our work by sharing our Social Media posts.

Q. Can I donate my Zakah to MCF?
We encourage you donate your Sadagah through us as part of the donation will be invested in order to create a continuous charity that would benefit us beyond our lifetime. Zakah is collected by the Government so you may give your Zakah to the Government.