MCF would be going into partnerships with organisations and institutions for resource sharing and technical exchange.

This would be a mutually beneficial arrangement and part of MCF’s objective of establishing an interconnected, supportive and coordinated third sector in the Maldives.

MCF is open to invitations from potential partners to discuss how we can work together. Associate Partnerships are different from paid consultancies. Associate Partnerships represent a commitment between both parties to support the endeavours of each other using existing expertise and resources within our organisations.

Some of the areas in which we would like to build partnerships include;

  • Information technology
  • Media, marketing and communications
  • Auditing and accounts
  • Business development and strategy
  • Financial management and investing

MCF would give due recognition to the contributions from our Associate Partners on our reports, website and social media. It would also enable both sides to build a portfolio of partnerships and projects. At the same time, working with other organisations contains within itself a level of transparency and oversight, which would compliment our policy of accountability to our donors.