Islam encourages charity to go towards and benefit many types of activities and beneficiaries. The important thing is that it goes towards establishing an equitable society and alleviating the needs and suffering of those who are less fortunate.

Be a community that calls for what is good, urges what is right, and forbids what is wrong:
those who do this are the successful ones.
(Quran 3:104)

The MCF Grants mechanism would allow our Investors to contribute towards a wide variety of activities.

“They ask you (O Muhammad) what they should spend in charity. Say:
‘Whatever you spend with a good heart, give it to parents, relatives, orphans, the helpless, and travelers in need.
Whatever good you do, God is aware of it.'”
(Quran 2:215)

God has promised great reward for all who do and take part in all good deeds.

“Wealth and children are an adornment of this world’s life:
but good deeds, the fruit whereof endures forever,
are of far greater merit in thy Sustainer’s sight, and a far better source of hope.”
(Quran 18:46)