Winners List – MCF Ramazan Art Contest 1443

We are happy to announce the winners list of this years’ MCF Ramazan Art Contest. We received 41 eligible entries to the contest and we are happy to be able to offer a Prize for each Entry. We are extremely grateful to Tea Tree Pvt Ltd and Peek-A-Boo for their support in providing prizes for the Entrants.

We hope the contest provided an opportunity for kids and parents to do a fun and educative activity together as well as creating more awareness about the Quran. In Sha Allah we hope to return next year with more Prizes.

Winners of Peek-a-Boo MVR 500 Voucher and Peek-a-Boo 10% Discount Voucher

Mariyam Nafha
Umaimaa Binth Abdulla
Aishath Shifna
Bathool Binthi Hassan Saneez
Fathmath Selina Mohamed
Azlan Auzal
Aishath Liba Ibrahim
Abdullah Yu’aan Ahushaan Ahmed
Zainab Adam
Rayyan bin Ismail Adil

Winners of Peek-a-Boo MVR 200 Voucher and Peek-a-Boo 10% Discount Voucher

Naureen Ali
Maryam Kaina Ahmed

Winners of Tea Tree MVR 500 Voucher and Peek-a-Boo 10% Discount Voucher

Maryam Lisa Shiyaz
Insha Furusaan
Amathurrahmaan Binti Abdulla
Mohamed Raakin Abdullah Shifau
Yoonus Mohamed Ziyau
Aishath Dheena Ahmed
Zynab Ziva Zaid
Adam Aryk Abdullah Shifau
Asma Binth Abdulla
Aishath Aara Thoha

Winners of Tea Tree MVR 200 Voucher and Peek-a-Boo 10% Discount Voucher

Marsha Yaamin Ibrahim
Ismail Ashyam Mohamed
Aleiza Hiati Binti Ayad Zahir
Malin Hassan Farish
Mohamed Kais
Aishath Reem
Aishath Naureen Nasrulla
Aminatha Eman binth Zamzam
Aily Binth Ali Shakir
Fathimath Rihana
Sundhus Amaan
Rumaisa binth Ismail Adil
Fathimath Hishma Hafeez
Layali Adam
Amna Mohamed Niyaz
Zasha Mohamed Shaaiz
Abdulla Aadh Khaleel
Aishath Azka Naushad
Aishath Ana Abbas

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